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Actiw is one of the leading outbound logistics innovators and solution providers for industrial warehousing and storage.

We are a Finland based company, and have solved, optimized and automated material handling processes for over 30 years.


Actiw LoadPlate® is a semi-automated loading machine for containers and regular, non-modified trucks. Our customers use LoadPlate for complex or long cargo, such as steel or lumber. LoadPlate can load 30 tons of cargo into a 40-foot container in only 5 minutes. LoadPlate was developed to improve our customers’ loading operations and was first introduced into the market in 2001.

Actiw LoadMatic®:

Actiw LoadMatic® is a fully-automated loading system for regular, non-modified trucks and containers, when you transport either palletized or palletless industrial goods.

Actiw LoadForming:

Actiw LoadForming optimizes your whole outbound material flow. The LoadForming solution integrates your existing warehouse with our automated loading equipment to increase your outbound capacity. LoadForming executes your load forming processes automatically on a load-by-load basis. It optimizes your outbound material flow by taking your production until loads and automatically preparing optimal truckloads, efficiently and accurately.